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Westland MI.  48186
Brick repair
Chimney Repair
Porch Repair
Basemant and Foundation repair
Tuckpoint Repairs
We do all brick repair work in Garden City and Westland along with Redford and Taylor and including the city of Belleville Michigan.
Trout Brick porch and chimney repair are located in Westland MI.but do repair contractor work in Garden City MI. also.
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Trout Masonry and Concrete do many block porches, brick porches and chimney repair and rebuild work in Westland and Garden City. We offer free estimates through out the surrounding areas. Basement repair and water proofing is also our expertise. Call Trout Masonry and Concrete for any repairs on brick Porch or brick chimney work needed. 313-412-3997 
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Masonry brick porch and chimney repairs by Trout Masonry and Concrete

All Trout Masonry and Concrete repairs are done by trusted employees who have worked in the masonry service with long past experience. Trout Masonry and Concrete never contract out repairs including brick repairs,chimney repairs,porch repairs,basement and foundation repairs and tuckpointing repairs to out side mason contactors or sub contractors. We do not cut corners on any masonry repairs that will affect our reputation or the quality and integrity of our work.
Chimney Repairs  Our chimney repairs are done complete from the inside of the chimney to the exterior of the chimney. Most damage to a chimney is caused by cracks to the flu liner allowing heat and moisture to work from the inside out. Chimney caps being cracked can also cause damage to the chimney. Trout Masonry and Concrete believe in repairs to the chimney to be thorough for longer life to the masonry work performed.
Brick Repairs  All of Trout Masonry and Concrete brick and block repairs are done with new common bricks and with older restored bricks. We have access to all colors and styles of brick reclaimed from older buildings or masonry work. This gives us the advantage of matching the existing brick or masonry work. We even try to use new blocks that match the look and slight color difference to existing job.

Porch Repairs  The structure of a masonry job is important but the look and

match to the home are also important be the block,stone or brick color and texture.

Even if it takes us a little time to search and find the existing masonry work, its well worth the effort and finished look. There are many ways to repair a porch but there only one right way to make it structurally sound and looking great for years to come. 

This is our signature mark for Trout Masonry and Concrete work, by taking the extra time at the brick yard considering the job will be permanent for many years.

Tuck pointing Repairs   Some masonry contractors feel the tuck point repair itself is done with a quick and sloppy fix. We at Trout Masonry and Concrete take our time to prevent a mortar covered mess and making the mortar match the color

to existing masonry work. This cannot always be done to a perfect match but measures can be made to get close as possible. We do a clean tuckpointing job which will bare our name and advertise our concern for the customers satisfaction.

Basement and Foundation repairs   Some contractors use big equipment to dig down to the foundation of the basement creating the possibility of damage to foundation walls or any pipes and lines. Including the heavy equipment driving over and destroying the lines and any pipes not mentioning the destruction of the property or landscape. We hand dig which is safer to the property and basement foundation.

The basement foundation repairs are thoroughly looked over to reassure that all repairs to the leaks or cracks are complete. Basement waterproofing is done with

extra precautions using plastic as an addition to the waterproofing and also eliminating  the back filling of dirt unable to remove the applied basement waterproofing tar.