Trout Concrete repairs  Livonia,Taylor,Belleville, Westland MI. 
concrete driveway and sidewalk, porch repair by Westland MI we repair all sidewalks and porch .
Trout Masonry and Concrete use air entrained six bag mix concrete. Air entrained concrete has very small air bubbles that make way for expansion and contraction to the concrete driveway, sidewalk or any project that consist of outside and inside concrete. Giving the areas room to move instead of cracking. We can give a smooth finish for basement and garage floors or broom finish for slip resistant sidewalks or driveways and porch caps.
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Concrete sidewalks,foundations and driveways with entrained concrete

Broom finished concrete    Broom finish is required for a sidewalk or porch concrete cap. Preventing slip and fall injuries when surface is wet. A slight pitch is also needed for water to run off the finished concrete surface.

Driveway and garage concrete floor

It is recommended to have a smooth finish on the garage floor to make it more practical for cleaning . Garage concrete floors are not in the rain,snow and outside elements which give the garage floor more options to the customer and the contractor. Driveway options are up to the customer but broom finish is almost a necessity.

Concrete steps   Trout Masonry and concrete make sure there is a slight pitch to steps for water runoff. Concrete steps can be sealed for longer lasting life to the steps. It is an addition to the price but also an addition to the life of the steps. Concrete steps get more wear and tear because of salt and traffic the steps recieve. Salt and water do more damage to concrete than anything else so its best to find a replacement for the salt on the concrete surface.
Concrete Foundations  Basement foundations and porch or slab footings do not need a six bag mix but if pouring of concrete is done all at once it is a plus.
Concrete foundation cracks and damage
Trout Masonry and Concrete have been doing concrete repairs and replacement for concrete driveways and sidewalks for many years in Westland and the surrounding areas of Detroit. From Livonia and Plymouth down to Romulus. We reach Garden City and Taylor areas. Most of the Southeastern Michigan cities. Including Wayne County, Washtenaw County, Oakland  County.